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Massage Therapy has been clinically proven to help with many conditions to include chronic muscular pain, range of motion, stress management, and immune function.


Upper Body Massage                           $35

Special attention is given to the head, neck, shoulders and back.


Full Body Massage                               $65

Complete full body relaxation.


80 Minute Massage                               $95


Prenatal Massage                                  $65


 Add-Ons                                      $10

Massage Cupping


Hand Paraffin Dip

Deep Tissue

Hot Stones

Hamalayan Salt Stones

15 Minute Nap

Paraffin Dip


Full Body Hot Stone Massage                $85              

This is for those that love the feeling of heat.


Chair Massage                                        $15

For those that just need a short break.


Medical/Orthopedic Massage                 $48  

Rhythmic stretching with moderate pressure massage.  Stretching instructions are to be followed after therapy session.   Beneficial for the following conditions:

Hamstring Strain,  Plantar Fasciitis,  Carpal Tunnel

Whiplash, Tennis/Golfers Elbow,  Frozen Shoulder

Trigger Fingers,  Hammer Toes, Knee Strain, and more... 


Reflexology                                              $35

Massage of the reflex points of the feet.  This therapy helps to increase blood circulation and release tension of the reflex points of the body.


Spirulina Facial                                         $55

For all skin types.  After cleansing the seaweed called Spirulina is applied to the face for 30 relaxing minutes.  Once removed a light massage is given to the face and neck.




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